Maille White Wine Vinegar - 500ml


Aged in oak barrels for 12 months, the Maille White Wine Vinegar offers a fresh, subtle, and slightly fruity flavour that will elegantly enhance all of your dishes.

Looking back at nearly 270 years of creative tradition and know-how, Maille has been the touch that awakens and reveals the beauty of a dish. A touch of creativity that intensifies flavours, delights palates and satisfies the most demanding gourmets... Maille products invite you on a journey into a world of flavours. On board as companions of choice: the passion for detail, the art of nuance, and refinement.

  • Light and delicate, Maille's White Wine Vinegar offers fresh and subtle notes, adding delicate and gourmet flavours to all of your dishes.

  • Maille White Wine Vinegar is an excellent taste enhancer with its fresh, subtle, and slightly fruity flavours.

  • This Vinegar is available in a 500 ml recyclable glass bottle.

  • Drizzle it on an apple, spinach and grilled chicken salad, or add a splash to a light simple syrup for a delightful mango salad.

  • The Maille White Wine Vinegar will enhance the flavours of your salads, raw vegetables and fries.

  • According to regulations in effect, vinegars are exempt from Minimum Durability Date regulations but we recommend to use them preferably within 6 months after opening.


white wine vinegar (sulphites), water, potassium metabisulphite.


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