La Chinata Smoked Paprika Powder (Sweet) - 70g
If there is one spice that captures the essence of Spanish cuisine, it is this one. Smoked with oak wood for 2 weeks, Sweet Smoked Paprika has an incomparable aroma and taste; unlike anything purchased from the local market. It...
Maldon Smoked Sea Salt - 125g
Gently smoked over oak to add a distinctive, rich and refined flavour to any dish.
Maille Wholegrain Mustard - 210g
The Maille Old Style Mustard carries you to the heart of Burgundy. A little taste of hazelnut, crunchy mustard seeds, ideal for preparing a leg of lamb or pork chops. Looking back at nearly 270 years of creative tradition and...
Maille Honey Mustard - 200g
Cooking enthusiasts often add a spoonful of honey to their classic dressing base. This sweet mustard delivers that extra flavour, far beyond simple seasoning, that will add a delicious tangy note to your cheese platters and liven up your fruit...
Maille Dijon Mustard - 215g
The legendary Maille Mustard in its original form, created to enhance flavours and amaze your senses. Instantly transporting you to the heart of the Burgundy region, it will add a new dimension to many dishes, from the simplest to the...
Maldon Sea Salt Flakes - 250g
Soft, crunchy sea salt flakes contain the perfect balance of natural minerals, offering a fresh intensity and clean taste to enhance any dish.
Galateo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taggiasca - 250ml
A true nectar of a golden yellow tone with a soft aroma. The not overwhelming flavour reveals a memory of dried almonds, ripe fruit and fresh flowers. While tasting it, this olive oil results fluid and sweet, and once swallowed,...
Galateo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mandarini (Tangerine Oil) - 250ml
Organically grown and certified mandarins from Sicily and olives from the estate are cold processed in the estate oil mill to produce this extra virgin citrus olive oil. The water from the olives and juice from the mandarins are eliminated...
Maille Red Wine Vinegar - 500ml
Aged in oak barrels for 12 months, the Maille Red Wine Vinegar offers a well-rounded and rich flavour. Thanks to its richness, a few drops will suffice to bring a perfect touch to your marinades. Aged in oak barrels for...
Maille White Wine Vinegar - 500ml
Aged in oak barrels for 12 months, the Maille White Wine Vinegar offers a fresh, subtle, and slightly fruity flavour that will elegantly enhance all of your dishes. Looking back at nearly 270 years of creative tradition and know-how, Maille...
Beerenberg Worcestershire Sauce - 300ml
Our Worcestershire Sauce sauce packs a lot of flavour into one bottle. Savoury yet a little bit sweet, this authentic sauce is a versatile classic, crafted using a traditional home-style recipe. Pair with: Beef Steak, Lamb or Oysters Kilpatrick Description:...
Beerenberg Tomato Sauce - 300ml
Fresh from our farm kitchen to your family table is our Australian Tomato Sauce. Packed with plump, 100% Australian tomatoes, this special sauce is crafted from our very own recipe passed down for generations. Pair with: BBQ Meats, Hamburgers or...
Beerenberg Coopers Ale BBQ Sauce - 300ml
Beer meets sauce to create this backyard BBQ magic. It all started when two proud Australian family businesses chatted around a BBQ. Within five minutes we were talking about (and then crafting) Australia's most interesting sauce. Pair with: BBQ Meats,...
Beerenberg Chilli Sauce - 300ml
Chilli lovers rejoice. This sauce will excite the taste buds and give you that spicy kick you crave. Made right here on our farm, our Chilli Sauce is a family recipe passed down through generations. Pair with: Asian Dishes, Soups...
Beerenberg Burger Relish - 260g
If Scotty had his way, we wouldn’t sell any burger relish. Don’t take that the wrong’s just because he wants to keep it all to himself. Great with Burgers, Nachos or Vegetables. DESCRIPTION Scotty has always liked burgers. Now...
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