KOW boasts Halal Kuroge (Black)Wagyu beef

KOW has been engaged in the livestock industry with a focus on Japanese HALAL black beef. Breeding, fattening, wholesale, dairy farming...The company spared no efforts to make delicious Wagyu beef. We are confident in our quality.

Is Wagyu Beef Halal?

Wagyu beef can be Halal or Haram. If the cattle is fed alcohol before slaughtering, then the Wagyu is Haram according to Islam, but if the cattle is not fed any alcohol, then it is Halal. We sell Wagyu beef 100% halal, meaning Muslims can eat Wagyu without worry. Halal Wagyu has a unique flavour which is why it’s more popular than other beef steaks.

The cattle are fed only the best feed — rice straw, maize, barley and other cereals — and drink only fresh, clean water.* .

* If you’re ever in doubt, ask for a halal certificate.

We are particular about how to eat delicious food. Therefore, for customers to directly taste the highest quality Japanese black beef. We have decided to open a Wagyu EXPERIENCE CENTRE ” farm–to–table” @ 183 UPPER THOMSON #01-01 directly operated by KOW. A shop where you can taste "satisfaction", "impression” and “memories”

Our goal is to have Genuine Wagyu on the dining table of our customers. We want you to eat real Wagyu beef to your heart's content. Anyone can sell good meat at a high price, but KOW will continue to take on the challenge of selling GENUINE WAGYU at the most reasonable price possible.

Let's make such a shop together!

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