Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku
$33.00 from $31.00
Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku
Our Japanese Wagyu Beef Yakiniku Cut (Japanese BBQ). For the best flavor, cook for 80 percent of the time on one side until the meat has a nice grilled color, and only 20 percent on the other side.  Air flown from...
$33.00 from $31.00
A5 Japanese Wagyu Sirloin est200g
Wagyu Sirloin is tender with a balanced texture. It offers good marbling and a mouth-watering robust beef flavor. Similar to the Rib Eye, the Striploin Steak is much leaner and therefore, is a favorite of those who like their beef...
from $73.60
A5 Japanese Wagyu Tenderloin est200g
The king among steaks — tender, velvety, delectable. Authentic A5 Graded Japanese Wagyu beef tenderloin. Extremely tender, perfect and most expensive cuts of beef. This especial cut has a buttery texture that will melt in your mouth. Best when sautéed, broiled, or...
from $77.60
Chinese New Year Shabu Shabu 200G (U.P. $62)
Shabu-shabu is prepared from our succulent Japanese Wagyu and is a traditional Asian Hotpot dish of thinly sliced beef and vegetables boiled in dashi (broth) water. Cooked meat and vegetables are usually dipped in ponzu or goma (sesame seed) sauce before...
$62.00 $38.00
Japanese Wagyu Beef Patty (2 pieces)
Specially prepared for a succulent and delicious burger or good enough to just be eaten on its own! Our Grade A Japanese Wagyu beef patties are made with 100% pure wagyu beef. No additives, preservatives or fillers. 80/20 Lean to fat ratio....
$17.00 $15.00
Japanese Wagyu Cube
Our KOWBOY Japanese Wagyu Cube are small, tender and savoured cuts of 100% pure Wagyu beef. No additives, preservatives or fillers. 80/20 Lean to fat ratio. Cut into 1-2 inch cubes. The naturally low fat and cholesterol content in Wagyu...
Wagyu Skewer
Wagyu Skewer With a marbling rating of A4/5 Wagyu Rib Fingers. These naturally marbled, juicy, tender cuts exists in between the bones of the wagyu individual ribs. This typically fatty, juicy meat is slowly gaining popularity.Selling price:2pcs - $23 while...
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