Australian Wagyu Sirloin Steak



 Wagyu Sirloin is tender with a balanced texture. It offers good marbling and a mouth-watering robust beef flavor. Similar to the Ribeye, the Striploin Steak is much leaner and therefore, is a favorite of those who like their beef much more tender and stronger in flavor. Rightly done, it has a white strip of fat that adds more succulence to its taste. To make sure that the beef is freshly cut, it is portioned in small batches. The natural marbling is what gives this piece of meat its uniqueness. The Wagyu is selectively bred by utilizing finely tuned genetics to get the best grade meat.

Nurtured on Australia’s most fertile land, generations of farming expertise guarantee exceptional cattle, while a cutting-edge processing facility and a strict supply chain maintain the highest standards of product quality, ensuring perfection from the farm to your dining table. This commitment results in tenderness, rich flavor, and a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

The cattle are carefully nourished with a specially crafted feed regimen for a minimum of 300 days, enhancing the dining experience by maximizing marbling, flavor, and tenderness. This approach enables the consistent production of premium beef year-round. Our Australian Wagyu sirloin cuts are tender and prized selections, composed of 100% pure Wagyu beef, earning them an impressive marbling score of 7 to 8.

1. All chilled items purchase can be kept in the chiller for three (3) days from the date of delivery.
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3. For your best experience to enjoy the meat, place frozen meat in the chiller overnight, or remove from freezer at least 2-3 hours before use.


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